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Not too long ago my wife & I were just like you, looking for a new way to make money from home.

We wanted a legitimate, professional home based business with high integrity and years of stability that could put us back in control of our finances, our freedom and our lives.

We weren't looking for a "slow build", Traditional MLM business that would take another 3-5 years to build or anything that involved talking to family and friends, making a list or cold calling leads.

Instead, we were looking for a home based internet business that pays big money fast, has a turn key marketing system & fantastic training & support.

In other words, our System has strategically invited you to visit our website, will show you exactly how the business works and how the money is made.

By sorting the serious from the "just curious", our system will show you how to become a part of our team, profit quickly and start taking back control of your life, before we even talk. How would you like a system that does all this for you?"

So Who are We and How Can We Help You?

Well, I started out broke, way over my head in debt and working as a Personal Trainer in a gym.

I had broke friends, broke family members and was laughed at when I told people that someday I was going to be successful working for myself.

I was told to get a "real" job, get a life and even grow up.  

Sophia has a background in Real Estate but was burnt out from chasing clients, working on weekends and getting to the closing table and not getting paid for circumstances out of her control.

Enter Home Based Business

Once we decided to get serious about making money from home together, our entire lives have changed.

Because of our passion to help people succeed, by sticking to a long term game plan and taking consistent action over the years, we now live a life of complete and total freedom.

Not just financial freedom, but geographical freedom, personal freedom, and the most important of all, relationship freedom.

Sophia & I work from home when we want to, around our boy's schedules and take family vacations in some of the nicest resorts & hotels in the world.

No asking permission, no requesting time off or worrying about how we are going to pay for this, that or the other. 

We just do what we want, when we want and with whom we want. And we generate passive residual in'come each and every month, whether we work or not.

Truly, no other Industry can offer this type of lifestyle and so we are on a mission to help as many people as possible achieve the same types of goals.

Here are some vacation pics taken in the past few years.

Married In Maui

Cruising down the Mexican Riviera


Riding Elephants in Thailand

Surf & Turf in West Palm Beach


Formal Night in Puerto Vallerta

Disney Cruise to the Bahamas


Inside our Cabana in Cancun

Our Family

While taking these vacations we earned tens of thousands of dollars each month.

And you can too, if you are looking for this type of income and lifestyle.

We will teach you everything we know about how to succeed working from home without joining another "slow build" Traditional MLM Company, making your list of family and friends or cold calling leads.

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